Houston T1
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P: (713) 353 - 4100
F: (713) 353 - 4111

Houston T1 is a Internet Service Provider based in Houston Texas dedicated and specializing in delivering the best possible T1 Line service to the Houston T1 Business Community. Houston T1 will take full responsibility in ordering T1 services, equipment, scheduling installation dates, cordinating technical personnel and keeping the Houston T1 customer fully aprised of each step as the turn-up date approaches. Houston T1 continues it responsibilities by 24x7 monitoring of T1 Line quality with Local Exchange partners and fully respresents the Houston T1 customer during all T1 Line quality assurance procedures and maintenance schedules. The Houston T1 customer can expect:

  • Proactive follow up during the installation and ordering process from the Houston T1 staff

  • State-of-the-art network infrastructure for minimuum latency

  • Fully redundant multi-homed termination endpoints for 100% uptime

  • Outstanding customer care and support

Proactive followup

Houston T1 staff members will proactively call our customer during the installation process and keep them fully aware of any changes in the T1 order.

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